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Danica Patrick has breast implants removed after suffering medical complications.

Danica Patrick shares her breast implant complications to warn other women about the risks and dangers of breast implants. Articles all over the news describe the health problems that she experienced, ranging from weight gain, dry hair, swollen lymph nodes, dizziness, capsular contracture, joint pain, fatigue, inflammation and more.

Danica stated in a social media post that she wishes that she had not made the decision to get implants, saying that "it won't make you more perfect or have it all or be more feminine." She goes on to say that social media, society culture, filters and unhealed trauma are reasons why some women may choose to have breast implant surgery.

Danica Patrick is already feeling better shortly after having her implants removed, posting on social media that "The Heal is Real". She also notes that the transparency of the dangers of implants are an issue. Danica has a large platform that she is able to use to raise awareness about Breast Implant Illness and we are looking forward to see her continued healing and sharing of her journey.

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