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International FLAT Day - October 7

International FLAT Day was created in 2017 as a day for the FLAT community to unite, organize, spread breast reconstruction awareness, and represent and promote FLAT as a healthy and beautiful reconstructive choice. It's one day for commemoration, but every day for celebration.

More and more women are choosing to go FLAT after having mastectomy surgery for a variety of reasons. Often times a patient will undergo multiple surgeries and revisions for breast reconstruction. As awareness spreads about the truth surrounding these painful and difficult surgeries, some women want to choose the least invasive path for breast reconstruction so they can focus on their health and moving forward with life. Others have researched the dangers surrounding breast implants which are commonly used for breast reconstruction. The FDA has recently issued a Black Box Warning label on all breast implants, due to adverse events that women are experiencing. Autoimmune diseases, cancer, neurological issues and connective tissue disease are among some common symptoms of women who experience complications from their breast implants.

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