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Arizona Medical Boards Issue AZ Legislation for Breast Implant Informed Consent Checklist

IT'S OFFICIAL!!!!! Yesterday, in the state of Arizona, every physician with a medical license received an email about our legislation for proper informed consent for breast implant surgery. The law goes into effect on January 1, 2022. This has taken tremendous work on the part of our advocates in Arizona, Robyn Towt, Lisa Rohland, Jill Cooper and Gretchen Goodell, along with Senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita, who sponsored the bill. We currently have many more states that are in the process of passing the same legislation. Thank you to our GPAC team members who are working tirelessly in other states to make these important changes in order for patients to make an educated and informed decision about having breast implant surgery.

Please see our GPAC patient checklist that outlines the details of what patients will be informed of. It is an honor to be such an important part of protecting patients.

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