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BIA-ALCL Diagnosis 6 Years after Breast Implant Removal Annals of Plastic Surgery | July 2021

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

This case report emphasizes the high degree of suspicion that is required in late seroma cases involving textured breast implants or a history of textured breast implants, along with the need for en bloc capsulectomy as a primary treatment for diagnosed BIA-ALCL to avoid incomplete capsulectomy and recurrence of the disease.

This topic is an additional concern for breast cancer patients who have had textured tissue expanders or textured breast implants. There is a worry of breast cancer recurrence and now patients have the worry of another cancer caused by breast implants.

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Pamela Harris
Sep 10, 2021

I know my doctor did not do an enbloc. Dr.Chen said they would have to go back in to clean it up. I had a seroma on the side the bump is on.

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