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GPAC - Episode 3 Let's Talk about Mesh

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

Dr. Repta explains the complications that he sees in patients who have mesh. He describes the delicate removal process that he uses to avoid damaging surrounding tissue. Many plastic surgeons have discontinued using textured breast implants because of the increased risk of developing cancer (BIA-ALCL) that is associated with textured breast implants. Surgeons are using mesh now more than ever in breast surgeries to achieve similar results that textured breast implants have given in the past.

Important to note: Mesh products are NOT FDA APPROVED for use in breast surgery. Surgeons need to disclose this information to patients and patients need to understand what the process will look like if they ever need to have mesh removed.

Questions to ponder: Are surgeons properly trained to remove the products that they are implating??? If mesh needs to be removed, how much breast tissue will be removed along with it? What are your thoughts?

Quote from Dr. Repta: "It's up to us as a medical community to start advocating for innovative procedures that create better outcomes for our patients."

~Dr. Remus Repta, MD PLLC

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