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Ideal Implant Ceases Operations!

Disappointment and Concerns as Ideal Implant Ceases Operations: What Patients Need to Know

Ideal Implant Incorporated, the company behind the innovative Ideal Implant, has recently announced its decision to cease operations. This unexpected development has left patients with numerous concerns regarding warranty claims and replacement options.

Due to Ideal Implant, inc.'s inability to secure sufficient investment and generate sustainable profits, Ideal Implant Incorporated has been forced to liquidate its operations. As a result, patients who currently have Ideal Implants will no longer have a valid warranty on their devices. This means that claims for device failures, including rupture and capsular contracture, will no longer be honored. The implant offered a device warranty that covered rupture and capsular contracture for a period of 10 years from the date of surgery for primary augmentations and 20 years for primary reconstructions.

What Patients Should Expect: The liquidation process is already in motion, and the company has informed surgeons that there are no available funds to fulfill future warranty claims. A prominent surgeon and industry insider, who preferred to remain anonymous, confirmed that Ideal Implant is out of business. To maintain desired outcomes, patients will need to undergo alternative FDA-approved silicone gel or saline implants with funds out of their own pockets.

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