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SLATE Magazine | June 9, 2022 Why Are Influencers Getting Their Breast Implants Removed?

“Informed decision-making for people pursuing implants—and some semblance of peace for those still living with them—is difficult to achieve.

That’s why patient advocates like Towt would like to see manufacturers fund an independent trial of thousands of people with silicone devices of all types, from breast implants to testicle prostheses. (Notably, many papers on BII to date are published by plastic surgeons with close ties to industry.) Crucially, the study must also be conducted in a diverse population, as there is notably little evidence on the rate at which trans women and other gender-diverse patients experience BII symptoms. Towt also thinks patients would benefit from a mandatory registry system for all implanted devices. That way, all patient outcomes—the good, the bad, and the surprising—can be monitored. (The current registration system in the U.S. is optional, and relatively few plastic surgeons have participated to date).

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