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Surgeon Raises Conflict of Interest Concerns: ‘I’ve Lost Faith.’

THE PULSE April 28, 2023

Patients, advocates, and colleagues lauded a plastic surgeon who raised concerns Tuesday about the industry’s financial arrangements, questioning conflicts of interest.

The doctor said colleagues had asked why he didn’t attend the latest “big meeting”—a lavish five-day event hosted by The Aesthetic Society in Miami from April 19th – 23rd.

“Truth is, I have lost faith in much of our industry, our societies, our thought leaders,” Dr. Christian Subbio shared with 148,000 followers on social media.

At issue, according to the Philadelphia based board-certified plastic surgeon, is that he believes institutions trusted by patients and the public to create unbiased science are on industry or manufacturer payrolls “to an astonishing extent.”

“From cash honorariums, to fancy receptions, to free trips, to academic grants, to stock options, I’m not quite sure how this is allowed or tolerated, but it needs to change,” the surgeon shared.

“At the very least these ‘generous’ contributions from big Pharma companies and device companies need to be made more transparent.”

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