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The 30 Year Fight for Breast Implant Safety | ICIJ 2019

How did we get here? In the words of Dr. Diana Zuckerman, President of the National Center for Health Research, "there were loopholes that were very easy to get through."

For decades, women have been desperately begging for the FDA to address breast implant safety issues. However, the FDA has allowed all four breast implant manufacturers to violate their premarket approval agreements with no consequences. Safety studies were never completed, reports of sick women were hidden, and studies that showed that breast implants are harmful have been suppressed.

This video depicts the long battle that is still ongoing. We are pleased that the FDA has started taking steps to improve patient outcomes. Patients should be given all of the information about the risks and benefits of having breast implant surgery so they can make an educated and informed decision.

Holly Davis sums it up perfectly in her 2019 FDA testimony..."Don't ignore us, we are real!"

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