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When the leadership of an organization is this incredibly dismissive, how can they be trusted?

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

September 14, 2021

"This joint discussion by an all-male panel of plastic surgeons is in direct response to an “influencer’s” video declaring that breast implant illness is, in fact, real."

"Dr. Jason Pozner opens the discussion with two of his “good friends:” Dr. Bruce Van Natta from Indianapolis, Indiana, and Dr. Ned Snyder from Austin, Texas, on an episode of “No Spin Live” on The Plastic Surgery Channel."

"The “influencer” whose video is under discussion is board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Anthony Youn."

Dr. Anthony Youn's video has been viewed 4 million times.

You can read here to see what Dr. Van Natta and his colleagues had to say about Dr, Youn's video:

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